Running Adobe Flash in Chromium browser after January 12 2021

Alexander Hitrov
3 min readJan 30, 2021
Chromium and Adobe Flash


Windows: Chromium Flash — flashplayer32_0r0_363_winpep.msi *

Mac: Chromium Flash — flashplayer32_0r0_363_mac_sa.dmg *

Linux: Chromium Flash — flashplayer32_0r0_363_linuxpep.x86_64.tar.gz *

Please consider usage of outdated plugin, as well as a browser, as a security thread especially when you visit untrusted resources. Isolated environment (e.g. virtual machine or VPS) is highly recommended for such experiments. Do this at your own risk.

Fortunately Web Archive kindly preserved for us I believe the majority of Adobe flash plugin’s versions. I’d recommend using the almost “recent” (not really) version (fp_32.0.0.363) which I believe doesn’t yet contain the “kill switch” or “time bomb” starting from the year 2021.